90. DKG Jahrestagung & Symposium Hochleistungskeramik 2015
90th DKG Annual Conference & Symposium on High-Performance Ceramics 2015

Mar 15, 2015 – Mar 19, 2015, Bayreuth, Germany

The registration deadline has expired. Participant registration has been closed for this event.

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Please Note: Preferred delivery of your oral presentations on 15th March 2015 / at 5 pm - 8 pm / Welcome reception / Hotel Goldener Adler, Bayreuth - look here ...

The most important
ceramic conference in Germany!

Opening words by the Chairman of the Programming Committee

Dear members and friends,

I gladly announce to you the 90th annual conference of the German Ceramic Society (Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft / DKG). In the recent years, our conference has become the leading meet-up for the ceramics sector in Germany.

All other information can be found on this website. Please register for the congress today.

I am looking forward to meet you in Bayreuth!

Walter Krenkel
Chairman of the Program Committee

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